Both excited and honoured to announce my solo show DARKROOM.

A new series of 9 digital art pieces, dynamically following the phases of the moon.
- 8 pieces minted on Ethereum.
- 1 piece inscribed on Bitcoin at rare sats.

Solo Showcase 19th April - 25th May

Carouge (Geneva), Switzerland
Events by-invitation only. Kindly email

A Co-Production



Art print giclée
285 gsm Ultra Smooth Gloss
With Augmented Reality

16.5" x 20.5" / 42 x 52 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition: 33
AP Edition: 10 (with T.R.A.C.E. NFC chip)


Blood Moon Light in Blue

Art print giclée
315 gsm Etching Cotton Rag
16.5" x 21.25" / 42 x 54,5 cm
Signed, numbered & logo embossed
Edition: 66


Blood Moon Light | Hand Cut Collage

Art print giclée
With Augmented Reality
315 gsm Etching Cotton Rag
16.5" x 21.65" / 42 x 55 cm
Signed, numbered & logo embossed
Edition: 33


Actiniaria & Blood Moon Light HAND MADE SNOW GLOBE




CONTEXT | Art Miami | Corey Helford Gallery

Excited to come back to Miami with Corey Helford Gallery at CONTEXT, featuring 2 of my mixed media collage art pieces.

For inquiries and visiting, please contact the gallery.


BEYOND BASEL | Art Miami | Trippy Labs

The Definitive Digital Art & Web3 Festival
Exhibiting a diverse range of works from over 250 emerging, pioneering and world renowned artists.

Produced by Trippy Labs, this year's festival returns to Factory Town in partnership with Link Miami Rebels. Beyond Basel is the ideal venue to experience cutting edge new media art and network with notable figures immersed in the web3 and digital art domains.

Encompassing 7 acres, 2 outdoor stages, a 14,000 sq ft. gallery and a VIP lounge, the event will be animated by performances from today's most sought after electronic music collectives from sunset to sunrise.  


Continuum | solo show

Dutch artist HANDIEDAN’s new
SOLO SHOW in Paris

* HEY! presents HANDIEDAN
** Halle Saint Pierre, Paris
*** 20 Sept to 30 Nov 2023

View the video of the opening reception and exhibition here ..

For all information requests:


Céramique.s | Museum Group show

View the video of the opening reception and exhibition here ..

** Halle Saint Pierre, Paris
*** 20 Sept to 14 Aug 204

For all information requests:


Transient Visions

If you are very curious, Transient Labs interviewed me about my new dynamic piece and a deep dive about my work.


Quantum | Skate Deck

Canadian Maple Wood 
With Augmented Reality
8" X 31" / 20.32 cm x 78.75 cm 
Signed in the Decks (Printed)
Hand Numbered 
Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity by Handiedan 
Edition: 100 

Find more images here...


Draw Me A Picture GoGallery

Post update:
'Thank you for the sold out show, the enthusiasm and support!
It was such a pleasure meeting you all!'

'Excited to team up with GoGallery in Amsterdam again!
This time my little drawings will be highlighted, alongside these talented artists.

Meet Amélie; In pen, augmented reality and more.



Excited to travel back with my art to my former home town Breda (NL), where I graduated at the art school St. Joost 20 years ago.

ALIAS exhibition at Pier15, Breda
- 21, 22 en 23 oktober -


In 2006 en 2013 brachten 10 kunstenaars met hun roots in de Bredase skateboard- en street art scene de expositie Alias. Een expositie die niet binnen de vaste kaders van culturele instellingen en galerijen paste. Een nieuw geluid in de Bredase kunstsector. De exposities waren een groot succes en het duurde dan ook niet lang voor de kunstenaars hun vleugels spreiden om te werken aan toffe projecten over de hele wereld.

Nu, 12 jaar later, komt Alias thuis!
Met een volwassen geworden knaldrang wordt er met Alias – Pier15 Take-Over uitgepakt. In het weekend van 21, 22 en 23 oktober tonen 20 Nederlandse topkunstenaars hun werk in het skatepark. Maar dat niet alleen; je wilt het hele weekend nergens anders zijn dan bij Pier15! Op vrijdag het openingsfeest, een clubavond op zaterdag en performances op zondag.

Allemaal uit liefde voor de kunst.


Stories | Living Room Sessions | ADE

Living Room Sessions ft. Joris Voorn & Johana Kroft by Philips TV & Sound

During Amsterdam Dance Event, Philips TV & Sound takes over Hotel De L’Europe for 2 consecutive days to offer ADE visitors a free audio-visual experience, a digital art gallery and a space to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The exclusive audio-visual experience is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Dutch techno legend Joris Voorn and visual 3D artist Johana Kroft from the Czech Republic. Her colorful and sometimes psychedelic style is interpreted in 3D worlds through various techniques. This not-to-be-missed immersive journey can be enjoyed in one of the living rooms at Hotel De L’Europe to make sure you enjoy the ride as comfortably as possible.

But that’s not all! Besides offering an exclusive audio-visual experience, Philips TV & Sound has invited a curated cast of regional artists to showcase their work. Artists include Dadara, Rik Oostenbroek, Isabelle Udo, Handiedan and Idea & Maker. Want to hang around? Feel free to stay for a drink, have an informal meeting, or simply relax in one of the spaces.


The Many Faced Goddess | Tokyo

live in Los Angeles x Tokyo

'Many Faced Goddess | Inner Side 9' is part of Handiedan's collection
The Many Faced Goddess | Innerside.

Online at Objkt



I'm excited to announce that
'Many Faced Goddess | Inner Side 9' is selected to be exhibited at Superchief Gallery's 'Tezos Open Call Exhibition' in Los Angeles.

'Many Faced Goddess | Inner Side 9' is part of Handiedan's collection
The Many Faced Goddess | Innerside.

Tesos Open Call Exhibition
Superchief Gallery NFT LA
11 August 6-9 pm
1965 S Los Angeles St

Available online at Objkt
Twitter: @SuperchiefNFT


History of Crypto Art | Mhouse

Stoked to announce that my digital art piece THE MANY FACED GODDESS is selected to be exhibited at MHouses 'History of Crypto Art' during Eth Barcelona, 6-8 July.

MHouse will be showing historic pieces from some of the leading historic NFT artists in the world and they secured three spots for MHOUSE artists.

ETH Barcelona
MHOUSE - History of Crypto Art

Sky Gallery of the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB)

Alongside the exhibition from the Museum of Crypto Art.



Handiedan Virtual Crypto Art Space

Please come in and enjoy my virtual crypto art exhibition in this amazing OnCyber space


Amélie, Space Cactus and the Wanderer

NFT Digital Motion Diary
Size: 2304 x 2304 px
MP4 and Gif


Endings and Continuations
Ryan Joseph Gallery

Excited to be part of the 'Endings and Continuations' group show at Ryan Joseph gallery in Denver, alongside this inspirational group of artists.

Artwork 'Heptade in Blue'.

Ryan Joseph Gallery
DEC 11, 2021 - JAN 12, 2022


15th Anniversary Group Show
Corey Helford Gallery

Happy anniversary to the gallery and very pleased to celebrate this together, alongside this amazing group of artists.

Artwork 'Tarot Signum - SOLD'.

Corey Helford Gallery
MAY 22 - JUNE 26, 2021



Beautiful Decay in Blue &
Zwarte Vlinder in Blue

- Paper hand cut collage and laser cut foam board
- Snow Globe in laser engraved dark wooden box
- Two image sides


HANDIEDAN MINI Solo Show | Taxie Gallery x HEY!

Now Paris re-opened it's gallery doors again, I'm very excited to announce that HEY! teamed up with Taxie Gallery to continue presenting my artwork in Paris.

- New and archived Mixed Media Artworks Prints

Taxie Gallery
3 December - 31 January 2021



Hidden in Plain Sight Group Show | Unit44

Unit44's 10 year anniversary show
'Hidden in Plain Sight' is online as an amazing virtual exhibition, captured inside the Newcastle Tyne Bridge Tower in the UK.

With the surreal atmosphere and subtile lightning of the artworks, you really don't want to miss this experience! Go and check it out!

Submitted pieces:
~ That's a Damn Fine Coat Your Wearing AP
~ Beautiful Decay No.5 - Unique print with pen embellishments in frame (unique piece)

VR exhibition:
Buy art:

'Hidden in Plain Sight'
4 December - 31 January 2021


HANDIEDAN MINI Solo Show | HEY! x Halle St. Pierre

Very excited and honoured to go back again to Paris with HEY! at Museum Halle St. Pierre.

- New and archived Mixed Media Artworks Prints

HEY! at Museum Halle St. Pierre
19 October - 30 November

Visitor appointment private view:



CENTERED BY STILLNESS Solo Show | Corey Helford Gallery

Very excited to announce my show at Corey Helford Gallery.
Corey Helford Gallery hosted a virtual opening on Instagram Live (@coreyhelfordgallery) on Saturday, October 3rd from 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST.

View back my live interview at @coreyhelfordgallery's IGTV (Instagram).

A 3D vitual tour through the gallery is also viewable here:

Continuing the exploration of 'Torus' as a form and flow process, one of the key characteristics of the torus is that at its very center, the entire system comes to a point of ultimate balance and stillness — in other words, perfect centeredness. This is the center point “singularity” of the torus. 


- New and archived Mixed Media Artworks
- Main gallery; Alongside amazing artists Hikari Shimoda, Ian Francis and Kai and Sunny

Corey Helford Gallery
3 October - 7 November

Visitor appointment and for private view:


571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(310) 287-2340

TORUS Solo Show

Corey Helford Gallery is proud to announce their long-awaited, debut solo show with Dutch artist Handiedan, entitled Torus.

Handiedan’s work involves a complex cut and paste mixture of digital and highly detailed sculptural hand cut collages, complimented by conscientiously collected antique ornamental frames.

Featuring 33 new works, including pieces that utilize augmented reality, Torus is a breathtaking body of work and Handiedan’s biggest show to date; promising to take you on a journey through time and energy, plus give you a peek into the artist’s mind, vision, fascinations and creation process.


With the show Torus Handiedan reaches a new stage in her artistic journey aimed at capturing the energy release underpinning the core of life in all its visible and invisible manifestations. She has once again embarked on the creative challenge of giving a powerful visual translation to the dynamic flux ruling the universe across space and time.

Handiedan's artistic interpretation of how the universe creates and sustains life is the outcome of a complex and multi-layered process involving both the thinking and the making stages. The seeming ease of Handiedan's distinctive art is the visually masterful synthesis of her delving into the enduring wanders of creation. Her inspiration goes hand in hand with her scientific disposition as she incessantly taps into the laws of Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometries, at that crossroad where science and spiritual realm inextricably and happily blend.

Similarly to her use of the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and fractal systems, Handiedan's quest for a visual rendition of the harmonious rhythm of the cycle of life finds its ideal compass in the torus form around which the artworks comprised in the show are composed.
The donut-shaped torus is a three-dimensional motion pattern that visually charts how the cycle of life perpetuates itself in sustainable systems at all scales through an invisible release of energy continuously permeating and connecting everything in eurythmic balance.

In Handiedan's masterfully layered digital and hand-cut collages every visual element is interwoven within the whole as to mirror the interconnected depth of reality. Layer upon layer, a toroidal dynamic interchange runs back and forth from the foreground to the background and back, allowing for an interplay of mutual relations and resonances amongst the diversity of elements filling her lavishly textured artworks, where a variety of objects and recurring symbols are kept together by compositional relations and personal associations lending weight to Handiedan's kaleidoscopic vision.

In the foreground sensuous women whose iconography is drawn and from well recognizable eras are digitally assembled in mischievously alluring poses or meditatively absorbed in their own thoughts. They personify the universal power of love while clearly and explicitly displaying their multi-sexuality as one of the many ways by which this natural power can be individually felt and lived.
The two figures floating in a loving and passionate embrace in Dodecahedron become so inextricably tied together that they merge into each other in a reciprocal qualitative exchange. Handiedan's chromatic choice adds further visual evidence, the red tones the woman on the right immediately evoking a sensual charge while the viridian green of the left one releases a quietly meditative feeling. Individually they embody two opposites qualities entailed in love, the sensual and the spiritual. The flow of energy blending them together establishes an invisible toroidal field that further and deeper spreads beyond them in a larger balance affecting the whole background. The organic curves seemingly stemming out of the Flower of Life at the bottom-centre of Dodecahedron flow up like red blood, perceptibly permeating everything in the composition to infuse with pure vital force the carnal embrace and to keep up to the Venus Pentagram, to a cosmic level and incessantly back.

The outstandingly elegant combination of motifs and objects allows for the interrelation between universal symbolic meanings and Handiedan's own personal experiences and private associations. Every geometrical shape carries a wealth of knowledge linked with eternal philosophical quests while the everyday objects interwoven between the paper layers and the hand-drawings guard Handiedan's private memories and personal feelings, whether within the label form a bottle of wine consumed with someone on a special occasion, a pen doodle of her character Amélie or the real tattoos drawn from the artist's own body.

Handiedan's dynamic constant shifting from the universal to the individual, from the sensual to the spiritual, from earthling minute details to cosmic systems holds harmoniously together differences and diversity in the sea of infinite energy that perpetuates the miracle of life.

2 November - 7 December 2019
Corey Helford Gallery



Collage & Augmented Reality

Very excited to work with this new technique; Augmented Reality. Learn more about it at my Vimeo page.


Dreamscapes Imaginary Realsim

On 14 June 2019 the 6th edition of the international Dreamscapes exhibition will be opened his doors in Viechtach, Germany.

For more then three months there will be works of art on display created by contemporary masters, representing Imaginary Realism from all across the globe.

Under the collective name of Imaginary Realism Dreamscapes unites artistic trends such as Magic Realism, Fantastic Realism, Surrealism and Symbolism and brings them to the notice of the world through various projects.

See the exhibition online:

Available art:

14 June - 29 Sept 2019

Altes Rathaus Viechtach
Stadtplatz 1, 94234 Viechtach,

Inquiries, please contact
Marcel Salome:
+31 6 410 19 96


Chop em Down Films came by at my studuo in Amsterdam to see what I'm cooking.

Video Credits:
Instagram @chopemdownfilms


Lucky 13 Anniversary Group Show Corey Helford Gallery

Happy to join this group show with my new artwork 'Florid Cosmos', alongside these amazing artists.

MAY 18 - JUNE 22, 2019


Time lapse of the construction of my artwork ‘Torus in Blue’.


HEY! #4 Halle Saint Pierre

Excited to be part of it with a selection of art prints at the museum library from 22 March till 12 May.

The art exhibition runs from March 23 to august 2

36 artist from 17 countries


Mother & Child Dorothy Circus Gallery

Excited to come to Rome with my artwork ‘Torus in Blue’.

The artwork is part of the ‘Mother and Child’ group show at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

Dorothy Circus Gallery
Via dei Pettinari
76 00186 Rome


Handiedan x Skateptych Skate Deck | Amphitrite

Canadian Maple Wood 
Signed in the Decks ( Printed )
Hand Numbered 
Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity by Handiedan 

8" X 31" | 20.32 cm x 78.75 cm 
Edition: 50 

- 1x custom made hangers included in the box 

ADDA&TAxie HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture

Kaaboo Del Mar Mural Installation

3d collage mural installation at found barn wood at Kaaboo del Mar 2018 in San Diego.
Video: Chop 'Em Down Films


District 13 HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture


Kaaboo Del Mar Mural Installation

3d collage mural installation at found barn wood at Kaaboo del Mar 2018 in San Diego.
Find process pictures at my Instagram @handiedan and Facebook page and the final result at my website here..


INTERVIEW Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Multilayered Goddess: An interview with Handiedan.

Imago: A History of Portraits Muca Munich

Honored that my artwork Aevitas Noir is part of the museum exhibition 'Imago: A History of Portraits' at Muca Munich.

IMAGO is a show dedicated to the history of portrait: Over 30 artists coming from five different continents are invited to choose a significant reference portrait of any historical time, country origin, historical artistic movement, medium and pay homage and interpret it in their own style. IMAGO aims to accompany the visitors on a journey through different artistic eras, helping discover the international history and evolution of the portrait.

Rare Cats Black Book Gallery

Excited to be part of this group show and showing alongside these amazing female artists.

“Rare Cats” a group show featuring Swoon, Olek, Handiedan, Rashelle Stetman & Fafi.

Black Book Gallery
304 Elati St.
Denver, CO


Permanent collection Urban Nation Museum

Honored that my artwork Amo is now part of the permanent collection of Urban Nation Museum! Unique United Unstoppable.


Handiedan Laser engraved character Clearcut x Fochisel


Women Street Artists | Feature


Urban Dreamscapes | Edition 6 | Feature


Juxtapoz Clubhouse Miami Jonathan LeVine Projects

Very pleased to come back to Miami with Jonathan LeVine Projects, at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse.

Email the gallery to inquire:


The Fourth Dimension: TIME Solo Exhibition

Handiedan Solo Exhibition
Jonathan LeVine Projects, Jersey City
14 October - 11 November 2017
888 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306

See the artwork online here..

And see the photos of the installation online here..

Email the gallery to inquire about the art:


The Fourth Dimension: TIME Solo Exhibition

Handiedan Solo Exhibition
Jonathan LeVine Projects, Jersey City
14 October - 11 November
888 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306

See the artwork online here..
Email the gallery to inquire about the art:

'Many thanks to all who visited the opening reception, for the love and support.
Was a real pleasure and very inspirational meeting you!
' - Handiedan


Interview Mass Appeal


Feature Arrested Motion


Feature Juxtapoz


Feature Wide Walls

Interview Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine's writer Kylie sat down with me me last week to get more insight about my work, the process and my upcoming solo exhibition 'The Fourth Dimension: TIME' at Jonathan LeVine Projects (14 October - 11 November).
The interview with previews is now online on

VR Project Handria

Super stoked and honored I've been invited by @r.i.o.s.d to work with them on this inspiring VR Tiltbrush project! 

For this project I've explored the possibilities of Tiltbrush and went underground for 55 hours into VR, creating a whole new 3D virtual collage & drawings universe, named Handria.

The final result will be presented by the RioSD team at Edinburgh Fringe, Future Play Festival (3rd - 26th August)

Don't hesitate to visit these events and get a live Handria VR experience!

Read the online article here ..


Feature Urban Nation Under Construction


Feature Open the Book


HEY! 1st Gallery Show

Super excited to be part of HEY! 1st Gallery Show in Paris, with a selection of art prints.
The show opens on 17 March at Galerie Arts Factory and will run till 22 April.
37 artists from 13 countries and more than 200 artworks and prints...

HEY !!1st Gallery Show
17 March - 22 April

Gallery website:


Feature Palace Costes

Welcome to New Jersey Jonathan LeVine Projects

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is moving to Jersey City and this will be celebrated later this month with an epic re-location group show.
Very excited to be part of this!

More information and inquiries:

888 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306

No Commission Dean Collection & Bacardi

Very excited to be part of this inspiring event and platform!

No Commission | The Dean Collection & Bacardi
8 - 10 December


Feature HEY! 4 Degrees Art

Super excited to be part of this beautiful and groundbreaking new book publication by HEY!

Interview by Modern Eden

My current interview by Jessica Violetta of Modern Eden Gallery is now online at the gallery's website.

Read more about my new Flos Vitae artwork, currently on view at the Femme to Femme Fatale show curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and learn more about my work in process.

'Handiedan is a Dutch collage artist based in Amsterdam we are excited to have as part of our next group show Femme to Femme Fatale curated by Beautiful Bizarre. Her work impresses with its ability to exercise a refreshingly unique approach while maintaining a truly pleasing aesthetic regardless of how near or far we are to it. Intrigued by both the beauty and the process, we’ve had the opportunity to interview her for some elaboration.'

Femme to Femme Fatale Modern Eden Gallery

Excited to announce this new group show, curated by Chief Danielle Krha of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.
I'm joining this show with my new collage artwork 'Flos Vitea'.

17 September - 8 October

801 Greenwich Street @ Mason and Columbus
San Francisco, CA
Gallery Hours: Noon to 6 pm, Wednesday to Saturday

10 Year Anniversary group show corey Helford Gallery

Super excited to be part of Corey Helfords 10 Year Anniversary Group show!
With over 100 participating artists, I'm joining this show with my new collage artwork 'Atrium'.

27 August - 24 September

571 S. Anderson St. (Enter on Willow St)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Tel. 310.287.2340
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 12 Noon to 6pm

Thanks to LAWeekly for high lighting my artwork in the show:

Death and the Maiden II Roq la Rue

Super proud and honored to have my 'Virgo et Mortis' artwork as the featured artwork of Roq La Rue Gallery's closing group show 'Death and the Maiden ll'

August 6th - August 20th

- See images of the artwork..
- Read more about this show via Arrested Motion..

Richmond mural Project Wheat Paste

Works On Paper Group Show

Excited to be part of the 'Works on Paper' group show at Kallenbach Gallery, in my home town Amsterdam.
For this show, they teamed up with Andenken Amsterdam.
If you're in town, make sure to come by! Opening this Friday 13 May.
For inquiries, please contact the gallery:

XX A Moment in Time Saatchi Group Show

London, UK - On 3rd February 2016, the Saatchi Gallery will open XX: A Moment in Time in the Prints & Originals Gallery.

XX is an exhibition of new works by contemporary female street & graffiti artists. The show will consist of new works by a selection of emerging and established artists from around the globe. This will be the first time that some of the artists will have been exhibited in the UK. The exhibition will run alongside the major exhibition of contemporary art by female artists, Champagne Life. 

Interview 1xRUn

Find out more about my artwork in this interview here..

Archive Miami Project x Hashimoto Contemporary

Good Miami vibes earlier this month!
With two new pieces, available and on view with Hashimoto Contemporary at Miami Project art fair, 1 - 6 December.



Pen drawing on Hahnemühle paper, with deckled edges
9.75" x 15" / 25 x 38 cm


Interview Mass Appeal

Read my latest interview by Mass Appeal here..



Mixed media collage and pen with matte varnish on long board
43.7” x 10.25” / 111 x 26 cm


Trifecta Exhibition

Three Person Show
Handiedan, Sandra Chevrier & Mimi Scholz
Curated by Yasha Young
529 West 20th Street, New York
June 27 — July 25, 2015

For inquiries and availability, please contact the gallery.

To stay up to date about new artwork and shows, please sign up for my mailing list.

Find live updates of the work in progress via my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

Mini Documentary Mural Wall\Therapy

A big thank you to the crew of Wall\Therapy for this nice capture the wheat paste mural coming to life!
Videography by Ben Shutts, Eric Maira, Roy. Edit by Roy


Interview 1xRUn

Read my latest interview by 1xrun here..



Thanks to the Artistaday followers for having my art ranked NO.1 of this week, and ranked NO.2 of 'The Netherlands' edition top 10!



Big thumbs up for Urban Nation!
Check out this great report and preview of the new Project M8, by German television. And also features my wall in the background.


Mural One Wall #7

Urban Nation

Top 10 of 2014 One Wall #7

Excited that the large scale wheat paste mural 'Beautiful Decay' I've did for Urban Nation's One Wall Project, made it to the top 10 murals of 2014 of both Widewalls and The Vandallist. Thanks a lot!

- Widewalls - Most popular walls of 2014
- The Vandallist - Top 5 street artists of 2014


Online Feature Hi-Fructose

Read more about the large size wheat paste mural I did for the One Wall Project for Urban Nation Berlin in Hi-Fructose.

Mural White Walls @ Unit 44


Museum Exhibition HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture II